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    We continously strive for perfection

  • Services


    We continously strive for perfection

Phambili SCS - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence:
We use the latest software - customisable to clients’ specifications - to mine, analyse and report on supply chain data. Dashboards empower managers to make instant decisions daily and reduce contract leakages.

Phambili SCS - Supply Chain Performance Management

Supply chain performance management: We deploy modern tools to automate and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to support ERP systems.

Phambili SCS - Logistics network design

Logistics network design: We provide optimal network design/redesign to minimise inventory, warehousing and transportation costs while improving the organisation’s response time and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

Phambili SCS - Logistics planning & Execution

Logistics planning & execution: We coordinate activities associated with the logistical planning, transportation and warehousing of inbound and outbound materials, and support them with relevant reporting systems.

Distribution optimisation: We adopt an inclusive approach in helping distribution managers stay within their budgets and deal with expansions and market changes without affecting customer expectation and satisfaction.

Continuous improvement: We provide step-by-step guidance on total cost of ownership (TCO) to supply chain departments, teaching them to effectively manage and use available data to continually improve critical functions and reduce costs.

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