Your Innovative Partner in Cost-effective Supply Chain Solutions

Phambili SCS draws from 3 powerful assets: Network, Technology and Expertise, to deliver supply chain value to organisations in South Africa. Our unparalleled experience and network enable us to provide complete management of your supply chain function, including daily planning, execution, analysis and continuous improvement. This is supported by our strong belief in supply chain efficiencies brought about by Visibility, Flexibility, Collaboration and Control in your supply chain framework.


Phambili SCS - Plan

Expose your organisation to a centralised planning approach that synchronises all of the organisation’s value chain and provide visible and agile supply chain business processes.


Phambili SCS - Execute

Improve your organisation’s supply chain performance through best in class Transport Management Systems (TMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Routing & Scheduling Systems and well-equipped Logistics Operations Centres for support services.


Phambili SCS - Analyse

Achieve quick-decision making process through world class Analytics, Business Intelligence and Supply Chain Performance Management platforms. This paired with experience in Business Process Management (BPM) will bring visibility and accountability in your supply chains.

Our Solutions

  • Promote supply chain collaboration.
  • Facilitate strategic benchmarking to improve capacity scalability and lower costs.
  • Maintain total supply chain visibility.

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